DOSIN RF coaxial cable assemblies are manufactured using advanced manufacturing processes and materials and offer the following advantages:

High frequency transmission: The cable assemblies have excellent high frequency transmission performance, ensuring high quality and lossless transmission of signals.

High reliability: The cable assemblies undergo strict testing and quality control, with good interference resistance and stability, ensuring long-term stable and reliable operation.

Multiple options: We offer a wide range of cable assemblies in different sizes and specifications to meet a variety of different needs and application scenarios.

Environmentally friendly and durable: The materials used meet environmental standards and have excellent durability and anti-aging ability for use in a variety of harsh environments.

RF Coaxial Cable Assembly Types

BNC Cable

TNC Cable

UHF Cable

4.3/10 Cable

SMA Cable

IPEX Cable

SMB Cable

7/16 Cable

MMCX Cable

MCX Cable

N Cable

F Cable

BMA Cable

2.92mm Cable

QMA Cable

TS9 Cable

Fakra Cable

HSD Cable

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

We are able to manufacture all types of coaxial cables including standard RG type cables, LMR low loss cables, miniature coaxial cables, shapeable coaxial cables and semi-rigid coaxial cables.

0.81mm   1.13mm   1.36mm   1.37mm

RG58   RG59   RG6   RG11   RG142   RG174   RG178    RG179   RG188   RG223   RG316   RG400   RG402   RG405   

LMR100   LMR195   LMR200   LMR240   LMR400

RF Coaxial Cable Assembly Applications

Communication field

Communication Field



Medical equipment

Medical Equipment

Automotive industry

Automotive Industry



Scientific research

Scientific Research

Product Serviece

Over 250,000 Custom RF Cable Configurations Available!